AAR is an independent provider of aviation services to commercial and government customers in more than 100 countries. Our aftermarket expertise and award-winning solutions help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, service and safety. 


ISU® 90 4-Door

AAR's Standard ISU® 90 4-DOOR is a Lightweight, Aluminum, 1-Pallet Position, Air-Mobile Container for Shipping and Storage of Equipment, Spare Parts, and High Value Cargo. Every ISU®container is adaptable to unique user requirements and improves mobilization capability for operational units. Learn More



Expandable ISU® (EISU) Workshop Container

The EISU Workshop is an expeditionary container integrated with cabinets, workbench, air compressor, vise, and so much more. This expeditionary container supports missions by providing troops with facilities necessary to perform tire maintenance and other necessary maintenance while in the field. Learn More

ISU® 90EO 1-Door Weapons Room

AAR's Specialty ISU® 90EO 1-DOOR Weapons Room is designed without a center wall to accommodate various weapons room configurations. Weapons rooms are configurable to meet your requirements based on quantity and type of weapon. Learn More