TACOPS™ Active Response Bag


TSSi introduces its new TACOPS™ Active Response Bag. Designed for use by law enforcement personnel, this bag incorporates user friendly, advantageous features resulting from over a year of research and development and validated by months of operational use by over seven different police and training organizations across the nation. Unique attributes for enhanced versatility include high visibility interior fabric, modular pistol magazine and water bottle/drop pouches for ambidextrous carry, and magnetic closures on rifle magazine flaps. Two large collapsible internal pouches each include multiple elastic loops to keep medical components and tactical equipment organized, separate and easily accessible. A center-mounted external pouch is sized and designed to simultaneously carry shotgun shells, chemical light sticks, a flashlight and multiple door wedges (or other accessories). Camelbak bottle and door wedges not included.

TACOPS™ Field Ready bag* includes our minimum recommended components to access and treat a variety of traumatic, life-threatening injuries:

  • Active Response Bag

  • SOF Tactical Tourniquet, 1.5", Rescue Orange

  • QuikClot Combat Gauze, LE Z-fold

  • Chest Seal, Hyfin, Vented (2 pk)

  • Olaes Modular 6" Bandage

  • Trauma Shears, 7 1/4"

  • Kerlix Gauze, 4.5" x 4 yd

  • 50' Foliage Green 550 Paracord

* Custom loadouts available upon request Optional Accessories:

  • 001-ARB-SS: Shotshell Stack (holds 16 12ga. shotshells)

  • 001-UPHV-BK: Adjustable Pistol Holster