TACOPS™ Active Response Breachers Kit


Ruhl Tech One Man Ram not included but recommended

The TACOPS™ Active Response Breach Kit is designed to enable emergency responders to gain access into and throughout structures where doors and windows may otherwise be impassable due to their basic design or from additional locks, chains, and/or cables. Collapsible tools are included in the kit to facilitate ease of storage, transport, and carry while maximizing their application of leverage and force when extended. The design of the TACOPS™ Active Response pack enables tools to be carried with their handles either collapsed or expanded and allows a single user to individually carry and deploy the tools while still maintaining access to a sidearm or shoulder-fired weapon. Unlike a backpack system, the TACOPS™ ARBK provides for immediate retention and carry of breaching tools following their use and easy one-person access to defeat any subsequent barricades that may be encountered. Its design also enables the entire kit to be quickly discarded if the situation warrants, and then picked up and carried by a follow-on responder.

TACOPS™ Active Response pack - Lightweight, high strength tool quiver with ambidextrous quick-release buckles on the shoulder strap. Incorporates an ergonomic handle and PALS webbing on the exterior of the pack.

  • Bolt Cutter - Ruhl Tech folding-handled, full-size bolt cutter for use on hardened chains, locks, and cables.

  • Houly - Ruhl Tech telescopic houly that has been machined to fit into metal door frames and can also be used as a window rake.

  • Sledge - Ruhl Tech telescopic sledge hammer for use individually or in combination with the houly.