TSSi has been providing emergency medical equipment, ballistic body armor, and ballistic helmets for over 35 years. During this time, we have provided tens of thousands of these types of items to our federal, state and local customers.

In 2006 TSSi introduced the first true mass casualty response kit. It is equipped with sufficient types and quantities of medical supplies to effectively treat more than 20 persons inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries caused by natural or man-made catastrophes. This original design was followed by two additional configurations to provide differing and additional capabilities. TSSi has provided over 450 of our Mass Casualty Incident Response Kits for prepositioning in U.S. Embassies around the world.

TSSi's Mass Casualty Kits are single part number, fully equipped, medical packs specifically designed to provide emergency medical support for mass casualty incidents where multiple persons are inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. 

We recommend these configurations as opposed to wall-mounted emergency first aid "stations" because:

  • They can either be prepositioned in, or transported to, any location where needed.
  • They are equipped to support a great variety of incident and injury types.
  • Emergency responders know exactly where the equipment is and can immediately access it without having to either look for it or risk entering a "hot" zone to obtain it.


Why team with tssi?

TSSi routinely assists customers with the proper selection and procurement of Active Shooter, Tactical EMS (TEMS) and Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response equipment. Our total focus is on providing the right products to accomplish your mission within your established budget.

As a distributor for thousands of vendors, we never try to unduly influence our customers to purchase and use unfamiliar, unproven or manufacturer-specific items.

  • Have a prefered tourniquet, pressure bandage or hemostatic agent that your staff is most comfortable or confident in using ?  That is what we provide.
  • Have a level of ballistic protection that you desire in body armor, plate carriers or helmets but a limited budget ?  We have access to dozens of manufacturers of these types of items and can absolutely educate you on available tradeoffs between protection vs. weight vs. cost and provide the best possible solution of matching your funding with products meeting your requirements.

TSSi has decades of EXPERIENCE in providing ALL of these types of equipment.  We currently hold numerous multi-year Department of Defence and Federal Agency contracts for all manner of ballistic armor and medical equipment items. Additionally, agencies can use the GSA “Cooperative Purchasing Program” that allows federal, state and local agencies to procure items from TSSi’s GSA contract.

our TACTICAL EMS & MASS CASUALTY capabilities:

TSSi provides assistance based upon your individual or organizational level of experience and expertise.

Taking care of customers who know exactly what they want is the easy part.  However, TSSi often supports organizations that are “just starting” a SWAT Team, Active Shooter Program, TEMS Program, MCI Program, etc. In situations like this we work with customers to:

  • Identify their current and desired capabilities
  • Identify their current and desired levels of proficiency
  • Identify existing and required types of equipment and training needed
  • Identify level of funding required to attain all of the above
  • Identify a systematic and sequential procurement approach for attaining immediate, near-team and long-term goals (depending on available budget)

Additionally, TSSi is an industry leader in providing user-specific solutions to include custom designs and equipment loadouts for those customers requiring them.