Adventure Lights Inc. is a Canadian company whose products are recognized for their extreme durability and outstanding performance. "Extreme Products for Extreme Conditions®" is more than just our trademark, it is part of our mission statement - to make versatile and unique products that can be consistently relied upon to deliver outstanding performance.

VIP™ Emergency Distress LED Fog Light

The VIP™ Emergency Distress uses the same patented LED lens as the VIP™ LED Fog Light, that both collimates and diffuses light to easily penetrate through fog, mist and smoke. It has all the settings and features that the standard VIP™ LED Fog Light has; however, it can also double as an emergency beacon, should the situation call for it. Learn More



Guardian Trident™ Expedition Light

The Guardian Trident™ combines the switch-ring interface of the VIP™ with the compact, minimalist design of the Guardian™. Fully waterproof, impact resistant and omnidirectional, this light is designed to help keep you safe and make sure you are found in an emergency situation. Learn More

Guardian™ Tag-It Clip On Light

The carabiner* base on the Guardian™ Tag-IT safety light allows it to be easily and conveniently attached to a variety of surfaces. Waterproof, impact-resistant and omnidirectional, this light can be relied upon to maintain visibility during outdoor adventures in almost any situation. Learn More