Anchor Audio is passionate and committed to providing every single one of our customers with a durable sound system that can be used by anyone, anywhere, and for anything. We promise to provide superior audio with unmatched simplicity and reliability.

BIGFOOT 2 Portable Sound System

Now with increased wireless and battery performance, the Bigfoot® 2 is the newest, loudest, and most powerful Anchor Audio portable sound system. Designed to cover a football field, this thunderous battery powered system is up to any challenge. Learn More



MEGAVOX 2 Public Address System

Now with increased wireless and battery performance, the MegaVox 2 is an ideal portable PA system for all of your outdoor voice amplification needs. It is most popular with marching bands, track and field, firing ranges, emergency preparedness, and more. Learn More

PROLINK 500 Wireless Intercom

The ProLink 500 wireless intercom allows full duplex communication between four users simultaneously with unlimited number of listen only. The ProLink is ideal for house of worship, theater, event coordination and production, broadcast studios, and more. Learn More