Armag Corporation has manufactured secure modular buildings for military, government, and commercial clients since 1969.  All of our products are constructed in our secure manufacturing facility in the United States. Our innovative, field-tested building designs continually meet the demand for higher standards of security and allow us to deliver mission-specific solutions on time and within budget.

Multiplex Magazines

Armag Corporation developed the first large capacity Type 2 magazine that is completely modular and expandable for the safe and secure storage of substantial quantities of explosives. Our Multiplex Magazines are custom manufactured in sizes from 200 to 10,000 sq.ft. We are the only provider of modular Type 2 buildings with over 5,000 square feet of storage space. Learn More

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Single Unit Magazines

Armag’s Single Unit Magazines are portable, modular and a cost effective solution for Type 2 explosives storage. They are custom manufactured in sizes ranging from 8 to 700 sq. ft. and have a very wide range of options to equip for your specific application. Learn More

Shielded Generator Shelters

Armag’s shielded generator shelters are designed to protect power generators from the harmful effects of EMP, HEMP, Intentional Electro-magnetic Interference (IEMI), or a Geomagnetic Event. The heavy duty, continuous welded shell provides radio frequency protection and durability superior to shelters manufactured from shipping containers. Learn More

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