Atlantic Signal is North America's largest custom tactical communication's designer, manufacturer and supplier. They also distribute and perform value added work for tactical & covert communication manufacturers and suppliers including 3M/Peltor, Esterline/Racal Acoustics, Selex Communications and Phonak Communications.

Dominator II Suite

The DOMINATOR II combines a waterproof/noise canceling boom microphone for TX while utilizing both bone conductors and electronic earpieces for radio RX. The bone conductors and electronic earpieces work independently of one another as well as in concert when operational requirements call for the implementation of hearing protection. The electronic earpieces are capable of performing three functions: a. Radio/ICS/Smartphone/MP3 Reception b. Electronic Hearing Protection c. User Controlled Ambient Environment Amplification. Learn More


Dominator II Peltor Transition Cable


Dominator II Push-to-Talks


Dominator II Upper Headset

Below H20 Submersible/Maritime COMTAC ACH III Comms Suite

The Below H2O was developed in 2015 as a replacement for the U.S. Military’s Mich Communications System. It’s submersible in up to 10 meters or fresh or salt water for up to 10 hours. Learn More

  • Available in both single and dual comm models

  • Two styles of push-to-talks

  • Multiple radio interface options

  • Miniature submersible inline quick disconnect

  • Gel ear cup cushions and frame

  • Ambidextrous submersible boom microphone

  • Multiple ear cup color options

  • Clea two-way radio communications via earphone and boom microphone

  • Protection from high ambient noise, both continuous and impulse, while providing environmental listening for verbal communications

Vertical Frame COMTAC III ACH Single Comm

The single comm, vertical frame, COMTAC III ACH is the 3rd generation of COMTAC military communication headset. The new earcup profile was designed specifically for the advanced combat helmet for improved fit and comfort and it fielded by the U.S. Army PEO Solider and USSOCOM. Learn More

  • Padded, adjustable vertical framed design with ear cups

  • Ambient amplification

  • Electronic hearing protection

  • Two Way Radio RX

  • Forward pointing microphones on each earcup allow the operator to hear voices and environmental sounds in the ambient environment

  • Waterproof housing in each earcup

  • Holds single AA battery which provides up to 500 hours of operational use

  • Available in black, olive drab, coyote tan, foliage green