We are a climbing company. We are a family-owned American rope manufacturer with climbing in our DNA. Maybe the smartest climbers use BW because we consistently have the highest quality ratings, lowest impact force, lowest grams per meter (which matters a lot when you’re hauling gear up a big wall) and the softest catching ropes on the market. 

9mm ProTac™

The all new 9mm ProTac is designed for rope professionals who require less bulk. Solution Dyed polyester sheath. Nylon core. Flexible and firm. This rope retains its cross section well and does not flatten out. The 50/50 sheath to core ratio ensures a long service life. Learn More



3mm Niteline™ Reflective Cord

3mm Reflective Niteline accessory cord is ideal for a multitude of uses. Nylon core strands with solution dyed polyester sheath encompasses a single retroreflective strand for superior visibility in low light or night applications. Perfect for lightweight uses, stringing tarps, trail or hazard marking. Learn More

Mini-Haul System Tactical

The BlueWater Tactical Mini Haul system is a great solution to many problems. Works for a multitude of applications. The kit has the BlueWater Multi-Use Technician bag with velcro belt type rear attachment. Can be removed from belt or harness and placed on structure or litter easily. Learn More