Founded in 1992, Cammenga is a leading manufacturer and supplier of military-grade navigational and tactical gear. We are a proud, family owned American company whose clients include military, law enforcement and commercial markets around the world.  Each product is proudly made in the U.S. to the highest quality standards.

Tritium Compass 3H

They’ve been to battlefields all over the world. As the U.S. Military’s official compass manufacturer, Cammenga’s Tritium Lensatic Compasses have proven themselves repeatedly in almost every kind of environment and situation. With each compass, you carry the added assurance of Tritium-based, self-powered lighting that needs no “recharging.” To put it simply: When it comes to performance and accuracy, Cammenga leaves all other compasses behind. Learn More



Wrist Watch Compass WC-10

Brand new to the Cammenga compass lineup, the WC10 can be used by itself or added to your existing watchband. This non-liquid-filled model uses a free-floating dial, enabling its use in a variety of extreme climates. Learn More

Destinate Tritium Protractor Compass D3-T

Give yourself the peace-of-mind of having a Cammenga Protractor Compass. Equipped with 6 Tritium micro-lights, it provides continuous illumination for over 12 years. So even in total darkness, you’ll be prepared. Take and transfer bearings, calculate declinations and triangulate with the ultimate confidence. Learn More