It all started in 1993 when we built our first tents for the USDI wilderness firefighters. We needed a name for our tents and, with our facility located on the banks of Catoma Creek, we thought it was a natural fit, so Catoma was born. Since 1993, we have continued to design and build tents for the fire service, US military and other specialized customers.

Armadillo Fly Kit

The Armadillo Rainfly Kit was born from a request by the United States Marine Corp. A lighter rainfly solution was needed for the system, so we set out tailoring our original fly design to fit their need. We reduced the weight by about a third while maintaining the mil-spec toughness of the fly. Learn More



Falcon SpeeDome Shelter

The Falcon and its slightly taller counterpart, the Raven, have been favorites of the USDA Forest Service since the early nineties. Each has received a facelift and a set of new, smarter features to make a classic even better. With a new ripstop nylon tub floor and tough nylon webbing for fly attachment, the Falcon is tougher than ever. Learn More

Switchblade M240 Assistant Gunner Pack Kit

The MAG (Minimalist Assistant Gunner) Pack was designed in response to the specified need for a more efficient way to carry and deploy ammunition for two man machine gun teams. Through the course of field testing, both a 2-man team and 3-man team variant have been developed. Learn More