Combat Medical is forged from a team of experienced military and law enforcement medics, program managers and researchers who have extensive experience in tactical medicine. We understand the power of innovation and how it can simplify tactical medicine in order to save lives. Together with our industry partners, we are united by our vision to contribute to the success of medics and the advancement of combat medicine every day.

TrueClot® Hemorrhage Training Kit

TrueClot® Hemorrhage Training Kit (Large Caliber Gunshot Wound) provides realistic, low-cost and repetitive training for wound packing with the use of advanced hemostatic gauzes. The task trainers have very realistic outer anatomy and wound beds with hidden bleed points. They are hand made from sturdy silicone and contain no moving parts. Learn More



Dart Target™ Chest Decompression Set

The Dart Target™ Chest Decompression Set consists of the Dart™ Decompression Needle and the Dart Target™ Needle Placement Guide in one ruggedized, low cube set. Learn More

Mojo® Combat Trauma Shears

Mojo® Combat Trauma Shears are dependable shears made of forged German steel.  This high-quality stainless steel has a non-reflective coating that resists oxidization in the harshest worldwide environments. The lower blade is serrated to increase cutting power. Learn More