Photos must show a TACOPS® bag, backpack, or kit item. Other items may be shown in the picture, but the TACOPS® product must be in plain view.

No more than 3 photos entries per person, Instagram, and/or Facebook account

By submitting a photo (as described in the "HOW TO ENTER" section) participants agree to release the photo to TSSi to be used on official TSSi marketing materials, website, and social media profiles.

To be eligible for prizes, entrants must be over the age of 18 years old.

This contest is international.

By entering, participants/entrants agree to completely release Instagram, and acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.


Once the contest entry period has ended, entries will be posted to the TSSi Facebook page for voting.

Entrants may share their post on their personal Facebook profile and/or direct others to vote for their entry through social media profiles but voting takes place on the TSSi Facebook page. Likes will not be counted on personal pages.

Winners will be decided by the number of votes received.

In the event of a tie for placing, TSSi will use a jury to pick the photo for that appropriate placing.

In the event that there are insufficient votes for entries in general, TSSi reserves the right to use a jury to pick the winners.


Entries accepted August 16, 2017 through September 3, 2017.

Voting will begin September 4, 2017 and end at 11:59pm EST on September 10, 2017.

Winners will be announced the week of September 11-15, 2017, via TSSi social media pages and email blast.


Prizes will be awarded to:

  • First Place: $100 Gift Certificate to the TSSi web store & TSSi Swag Bag
  • Second Place: $50 Gift Certificate to the TSSi web store & TSSi Swag Bag
  • Third Place: TSSi Swag Bag
  • TSSi Choice Pick: TSSi Swag Bag

TSSi Swag Bag includes a TSSi Freedom T-shirt, TSSi hat, Water Bottle, Bottle Opener, & more!


After the contest ends, and the winners decided , all entries will be featured on the TSSi blog.


All inquiries about the contest rules and entries may be directed to marketing - contact us.