At a time when knife companies had never heard the word tactical, and years before any company even had a category called Tactical Knives, Emerson Knives Incorporated was formed with one single goal in mind: to build the best military and law enforcement edged weapons in the world. They were called “Tactical Knives” and they took the knife world by storm. The iconic Emerson CQC – 7 became the number one Tactical Knife of all times, and it still dominates the market 20+ years later.

Overland – Renegade

The Emerson Overland series of knives are built to the exact same rugged standards as those demanded by the ultimate Overlanders – the U.S. Navy SEAL teams. After all, their very name, SEAL, stands for Sea, Air, and Land. Emerson knives have been their go-to choice for over 30 years. Learn More




Since the beginning of this country, rugged men have ventured west seeking fame, fortune or maybe just for the pure sense of adventure. Traveling by foot, many times they traveled hundreds of miles into virgin forests covering mountains of uncharted wilderness. Carving out their existence in the solitude of the lonely wilderness these men would often go months without ever seeing another human being. Available soon! Learn More

Market Skinner

The Market Skinner is the latest Signature Series model to grace the category. Each blade is hand-signed and serialized. Featuring tan G-10 handles with an embedded “Signature Series” coin. The Market Skinner features all satin hardware and a conventional V-Grind with our signature chisel edge. Available soon! Learn More