Let us design, develop and produce the products you need to meet your particular mission requirements. 


TSSi has developed this program in conjunction with Trijicon to provide eligible organizations with the ability to extend the life of critical optics while saving the Government money.


Kitting & packing

TSSi has decades of experience and is an industry leader in the design, development, assembly, packaging and shipment of custom kits to meet any mission requirement. There are many benefits to working with TSSi to develop your kit.

Reduce Processing Time: Combining several products into one package and assigning that unit a unique part number dramatically reduces the processing time at your receiving activity by accounting for only one part number per kit.

Issue a Ready-to-Use Kit: When your order involves several products that will be issued to multiple individuals, kitting allows you to issue a ready-to-use kit to each individual, rather than having to break down bulk shipments of products and separate items for issuance. TSSi offers many types of packaging, including the ability to vacuum seal products, thereby protecting them from the environment.

Complete Documentation: TSSi creates complete documentation of your shipment for every order, including a packing list in each container and a detailed pallet manifest. This information can also be provided to you electronically in advance of your shipment to assist you with logistics planning.

Packaging: TSSi offers high quality customized solutions for your packaging needs including specialized hard plastic containers that protect electronic equipment, vacuum-sealed pouches for added protection that also decrease package volume, and reusable MIL-SPEC pallet boxes. Packaging is an integral component of TSSi's kitting services and just one of the elements that contributes to our outstanding logistics support services. For more information on TSSi's packaging options please contact us.

Facilities: Within our 44,000 square foot logistics support facility, we have several kit assembly areas that can be configured as needed for specific projects, allowing multiple kits to be in process simultaneously. Contact us to discuss how we can customize your order and make your entire procurement process more streamlined. 


product development

In addition to providing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, TSSi also works with military, law enforcement and disaster response organizations to develop new products and customize existing products to meet their specific mission requirements. We work closely with customers when they have a product requirement that cannot be fulfilled with COTS. Together, we are able to provide solutions that fulfill every customer's needs. 

The following are examples of some of the unique products designed and developed by TSSi's product development team:

  • 25 and 150 person Field Sanitation Kits

  • Mass Casualty Response Kit

  • M-9, M-4, & M-5 Medical Bags and Field Ready Medical Kits

  • Body Armor Kits

  • Range and Firearms Instructor First Aid Kits

  • Individual Combat Identification Marking System (ICIMS)

  • Field Meteorology Kits

  • Overt and Covert Landing Zone Kits

  • Distraction Device Deployment Pole

  • Personal Rescue Tools

  • TACOPS II Cold Weather Clothing System

  • Close Quarters Battle, Flame Retardant, Assault Suit

  • Special Warfare Sniper Operations Kits

  • Special Operator Shirts

  • Waterproof Marksman Data Book Kit

Let us design, develop and produce the products you need to meet your particular mission requirements.


project management

Life Cycle Logistics Management: TSSi can assist our customers with your life cycle logistics by incorporating acquisition, sustainment, and disposal into a life cycle logistics plan, with customer approval at all key decision points.

Research and Recommendation:  TSSI has over 38 years of proven competence in identifying the best commercially available or developmental products and in exploring new alternatives to meet our customers’ requirements.

Sourcing: TSSi has access to over seven thousand suppliers world-wide. As needed, we expand this sourcing to identify suppliers for unique products and services.

Testing: We can coordinate and conduct both developmental and operational testing.

Documentation: We provide the customer with professionally documented specifications, material listings, and manufacturing drawings that are compliant with all U.S. Government stipulations, requirements, and restrictions. Our team utilizes advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to meet the customer's requirements.

Acquisition: TSSi serves as the customer's acquisition specialist. This process guarantees that the customer gets the best price, every time, because they take advantage of TSSi's access to, and experience with, thousands of suppliers world-wide. We provide a single source for our customers to obtain thousands of different items via a single contract. TSSi has multiple contract vehicles that provide ease of procurement for our federal, state and local customers.