From weather alert radios and backup battery packs to solar-powered sound systems, Etón keeps you connected, in the know and in tune. At home. In the office. On the road. Or in the great outdoors.


American Red Cross FRX3+ Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio

Be Red Cross Ready for emergencies and disasters with the FRX3+ all purpose weather radio and USB phone charger. Keep your family safe and sound with emergency weather alerts, device charging, and LED lights. Learn More

American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Color

Whether you like a cool white countertop, a baby blue bedroom or a cool mint bathroom the Blackout Buddy is customizable for every location. Learn More



American Red Cross FR1 Multi-Powered Radio, Charger, and Flashlight

Be Red Cross Ready with the FR1 multi-powered, all-in-one smartphone charger, weather alert radio, and flashlight. Small enough to store in an emergency kit, backpack or glovebox, the FR1 packs a ton of features into a super compact size. Use the built-in hand crank, rechargeable battery, or DC input to charge FR1 and stay alert. Learn More