TACOPS™ Firearms Instructor First Aid Kit


The Firearms Instructor First Aid Kit is designed to be carried by Range Instructors on the firing line. This pouch contains the basics to deal with minor injuries sustained by range shooters as well as critical items to employ in the event of a serious injury. This first aid kit can be mounted on either a belt or MOLLE webbing. It is light, compact, and readily available at the point of injury.

Field Ready Contents:

  • Mini Trauma Shears

  • Adhesive Bandages, 7/8” x 3”

  • Large Fingertip Adhesive Bandages

  • Knuckle Adhesive Bandages

  • Adhesive Tape 1” x 10yd

  • Gauze Pads 4” x 4” (Sterile)

  • CPR Microshield Clear Mouth Barrier

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Cleansing Towelettes

  • Compressed Gauze

  • Compression Bandage

  • QuikClot® LE Combat Gauze

  • SOF Tactical Tourniquet Pouch