The FITLIGHT Trainer™ has the ability to measure and track attributes or movements integral to the physically demanding tasks associated with tactical occupations. FitLight has partnered with Simunition to create a dynamic Force-on-Target training system.


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This target system allows new opportunities for Force on Target training in shoot house environments, on ranges and in a variety of other training environments.

The benefits and uses include :

  • Improved Cognitive Processing

  • Realistic Close Range Training

  • Immediate Visual Response

  • Measurement of Reaction Time

  • Peripheral Awareness Training

  • Shoot Don't Shoot Training

  • Speed /Agility/Accuracy Feedback

  • And much, much more!

FitLight™ Tactical Training System

Simunition® is extremely happy to announce the official introduction of the Fitlight™ Tactical Training System to its current product line.

Fitlight™ is an Interactive Force on Target Training System with a The Fitlight™ Tactical Training System is comprised of:

  • An android tablet controller;

  • A wireless system of 4 or 8 LED Target Silhouette Light sensors that can be mounted on walls, floor... practically anywhere;

The targets can be activated by direct impacts of Simunition® FX® or CQT® projectiles;

All in a convenient military grade charging/transport case. n innovative technology for use in tactical training applications.