HWI Gear, Inc. is a small, Veteran owned, family business. Our president, Bill Hatch, has been in the business of bringing cutting edge protective apparel designs to the market for over 30 years. HWI Gear, Inc. has delivered over 2 million pairs of gloves to the US military and has designed state of the art products to meet the evolving demands of the US military for infield protection.



KTS100 - Touchscreen Hard Knuckle Glove

The KTS100 is a rugged, tactical, hard knuckle glove with touchscreen capable technology. As part of our Touch Extreme series, the KTS100 utilizes our Touch Tool™
design features so you don’t have to take your gloves off to operate touchscreen devices in the field. With a rugged hard knuckle design and touchscreen capable fingertips this glove is always on and you are always protected.

MCU134 - Multi Use Cut Resistant Glove

Key Features:

  • Full finger glove except for thumb and index finger, which are 3/4 for cycling and multi-use

  • Chamude Korean synthetic leather palm

  • Palm and fingers lined in 7oz Kevlar

  • Back is lined in heavy duty lycra and spandex

  • Reinforcement in the cradle with synthetic leather

  • Hook and loop closure


ED100 - Elite Defender Riot Suit


The Elite Defender Riot Suit’s contour-molded outer shell with impact ridges combined with the natural shock absorption characteristics of polyethylene plastic effectively disperses the brunt or impact of blows, jabs, and projectiles. The inner portion consists of 1/2” EVA foam sections cut into small rectangles and then sewn into a full torso/back protective shell with layers of polyester mesh and brushed polyester for ventilation and comfort. An added layer of polyethylene plastic on top of each small rectangle provides additional blunt force protection. The less-vital areas of the shins, arms, shoulders and thighs are protected with polyethylene plastic and dense foam for blunt force protection. The suit is primarily designed to withstand blows and absorb the shock of thrown projectiles.