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Combat & Control Tactical Trainer



The Combat & Control Tactical Trainer provides law enforcement agencies and the military with a dynamic target, ideal for any training scenario, aiding officers to be better equipped for real-world situations. Our team of designers and engineers have spent years considering every detail, feature, and end-use of the Trainer, providing the most realistic solution for on-the-job preparedness.


Interchangable arms and hands enable more than 30+ dynamic scenarios and poses.

Product Features

360 Degree Training

Real life scenarios don’t occur in 2D. Training shouldn’t either. The Combat & Control Tactical Trainer allows for dynamic real-world training at any angle, any position.

Realistic and Ethnically Neutral

With the scale and massing of an adult male, the 6’1” Combat & Control Tactical Trainer allows the shooter to target center mass and extremities.


Multiple arm and hand positions simulate thirty+ realistic scenarios and poses.

Puncture & Impact Resistant

The Combat & Control Tactical Trainer is constructed from proprietary materials, designed to be more durable and resistant to the impacts of less lethal rounds.


The Combat & Control Tactical Trainer features interchangeable extremities, increasing average life and usability of the target.


Weighing only 45 lbs, the Combat & Control Tactical Trainer is easily portable, requiring no tools, equipment, or counterweights.

Less Lethal & Live Rounds

The Combat & Control Tactical Trainer was specifically designed for various less lethal solutions. The Trainer can also withstand thousands of rounds of live fire.

Easy to Dress

Thanks to magnetic plates in the shoulder, dressing the Combat & Control Tactical Trainer is simple, providing for various and more realistic training scenarios.


Pose Dimensions

  • Height: 73”

  • Chest: 42”

  • Waist: 35.25”

  • Hip: 41.25”

  • Inseam: 32.5”

  • Base: 12 x 18”


Compatible Ammo

  • Tasers

  • Live Fire

  • Pepperballs

  • Rubber Batons

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