TSSi has an established reputation for providing a full range of logistics support services from procurement options through life-cycle support to military, law enforcement, and disaster response customers.

Logistics support

Over the past 39 years, TSSi has earned a  reputation for being able to provide a full range of global logistics support services including procurement options, prepositioning critical equipment, custom kit assembly, and life-cycle support.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver on time, all the time.  
Our logistics services include:  

  • Storage: TSSi’s ability to flex storage capacity on short notice to several hundred thousand square feet of climate controlled warehouse space provides you with a logistics surge capability in the event of unanticipated requirements or an increase in operational tempo.

  • Prepositioning: We provide exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, by procuring items that you know you will need in advance. Utilizing TSSi's on-site warehouse space to store items until you require them enables you to direct shipments of complete or partial inventory as needed. Your order can be shipped with same day notice.

  • Multiple Kit Assembly Areas: TSSi’s logistics facility includes kit assembly areas that allow multiple types of kits to be assembled simultaneously. In addition, we can incorporate our prepositioning capability with our kit assembly operations (see EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS). We can preposition components and sub-assemblies for one or a variety of kits so that when the need arises we can rapidly assemble and ship the kits you require in the configuration necessary to meet the current mission.

  • Hazardous Goods Handling and Storage: TSSi is experienced and certified to handle, store, and ship Hazardous Material (HAZMAT). Our staff has been trained, tested and certified by a third party certification company to meet the requirements of:

    • Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 – Transportation, Subchapter C (Hazardous Materials Regulations)

    • International Maritime Organization, Intarnational Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMO-IMDG)

    • International Civil Aviation Organizatio (ICAO) (Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air)

  • Palletization: Complete palletization services are available to include the use of industrial packaging standards, custom container designs, and Mil-Spec packaging. We offer tamper-evident and opaque packaging materials and wrappings to minimize environmental damage and maximize security of the items being shipped. TSSi’s warehouse space facilitates 463L aircraft pallet loading and inspection, followed by ground transportation to your designated aerial port or to our local regional airport situated just minutes away.


  • Life Cycle Support: TSSi can provide customer support throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment. This support includes working with manufacturers to design your solution, managing the procurement and supply chain, providing replacement, repair, refurbishment, and upgrade when necessary, and documenting all steps of the process.

  • Procurement Services: TSSi serves as your purchasing department. This allows you to take advantage of TSSi's access to, and experience with, thousands of suppliers worldwide. We provide true "One-Stop Shopping" in that you can obtain thousands of different items via a single contract. Our global supply base allows TSSi to offer you options in value, cost, and delivery time.

  • Transportation Management Services: No matter what the shipment size or mode of transportation, we do it all…package, LTL, truckload, rail, ocean or air.

Let TSSi assist you with your logistics support requirements. Contact us for more information.


Our custom solutions process begins with superior facilities. TSSi operates out of a custom designed 44,000 square foot logistics support facility located in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Our facility features full perimeter high-security fencing, card controlled access, electronic surveillance, as well as passive and active alarm systems. The facility also includes a climate-controlled warehouse. The TSSi facility is strategically located within a few hours of the major East Coast military aerial ports of Dover Air Force Base, Andrews Air Force Base, Naval Air Station Norfolk and Fort Bragg. 

In addition, our talented, dedicated and experienced logistics staff provides rapid response, secure materiel management, and total asset in-transit visibility for your shipments.