Our weapon storage systems combine quality, security, and versatility to deliver an optimal solution for your requirement. For decades, our storage specialists and in-house engineers have been designing and innovating solutions alongside elite military and government agencies to organize everything from heavy weaponry, to small arms, optics, evidence, and anything in between

Bi-Fold Weapons Racks

The Bi-Fold Weapon Racks (BWR) provide easy access in a smaller footprint with dual bi-fold doors securing your weapons. The bi-fold racks are constructed with the same frame and specifications as the Standard Weapon Racks (SWR), except the bi-fold doors save you more than 31% in floor space -- the perfect solution when aisle space and mobility are a concern! Learn More


  • All-steel welded frames

  • Complete with welded padlock hasps and dual-purpose swing arm.

  • 31% floor space savings

  • Up to 9-point locking mechanism

  • Perforated security gates for easy viewing

  • Built-in recessed carry handles

  •  Secure racks side-to-side, back-to-back, or stacked

  •  Secure racks to wall and/or floor

  •  Complete with eyelets to chain firearms

  •  Scopes & accessories can be stored with rifles

  •  Universal back panel accepts all weapon storage components

  •  Fully-concealed internal lock mechanism


  • 48″H x 42″W x 15″D

  • 64.5″H x 42″W x 15″D

  • 72″H x 42″W x 15″D

  • 84″H x 42″W x 15″D


Expandable Weapons Racks

Expandable Weapons Racks (EWR) are designed to be highly versatile and will accommodate virtually any weapon. EWR's allow secured armories to easily expand and can be installed for use on large or small scales.

EWR panels are manufactured with rear stiffeners (16-gauge channels), which are welded onto the back of the panels for additional strength, preventing bowing or flex in the back panel system. No other panel system has this enhancement! Learn More


  • Panel widths: 34″W or 40″W

  • Heights: 50″H – 118″H

  • Depth: 15.75″D (single sided)

  • Increase height in 12″ increments


  • All-steel construction

  • Easy to expand with additional EWR panels

  • Panel support system of 16-gauge channel rear stiffeners

  • Universal back panel that accepts all  weapon storage components

  • Single or double-sided

  • Optional powered end posts with 4 outlets

Weapons Storage Cabinet

Weapons secured inside the Weapon Storage Cabinets (WSC) are protected by an all-steel bi-parting tambour door. Additional security measures include key locks, padlocks and an optional internal swing gate. WSCs are designed to store any size rifle, shotgun, handgun or personal defense weapon, and are able to be re-configured at any time due to the universal back panel. Customize your layout any way you desire using our universal components. Learn More


  • 60″H x 36″W x 22″D

  • 66″H x 36″W x 22″D

  • 72″H x 36″W x 22″D

  • 83″H x 36″W x 22″D


  • All-steel bi-parting tambour door

  • Heavy-gauge welded construction

  • Security padlock bar and positive slid lock bar

  • Optional internal all-steel security gate

  • Compatible with all weapon storage components plus WSC specific components

  • Stores rifles with attached scopes & accessories

  • Cabinets are re-configurable at a moments notice