Mass Casualty Response Kit


The Mass Casualty Response Kit is a single part number, fully equipped, medical bag that is specifically designed to provide medical support for mass casualty incidents where multiple servicemen are inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. The Mass Casualty Response Kit consists of a large water-resistant bag, designed to be mounted either inside or outside of a vehicle, containing clearly labeled and removable modular pouches pre-stocked with supplies to control bleeding (tourniquets, pressure bandages, abdominal bandages, dressings, tape, etc.), establish and maintain airways, protect burned skin, immobilize appendages (splints), and transport casualties (hypothermia blankets and disposable litters). It also contains a small extraction tool. Six of the internal pouches are pre-configured into easily-removable “Trauma Kits” that are individually capable of treating a variety of life threatening wounds to 2-4 servicemen. Each kit contains multiple tourniquets, pressure bandages, hemostatic agents, nasopharyngeal airways with lubricant, chest seals, compressed gauze, tape, shears and other items. A single removable pouch is equipped with multiple pressure bandages, large abdominal bandages, large hemostatic agent trauma pads, and additional tape.

An additional single large removable pouch is equipped with multiple quantities and sizes of moldable splints, burn dressings, and a 3’ x 2.5’ burn sheet that can be used for immediate extinguishment of burning clothing or skin.

Two large attached pouches each contain multiple disposable litters and hypothermia blankets.

The extraction tool includes three usable surface areas – an axe head, a large pick head, and a heavy-duty claw head.

Field Ready Contents:

  • Pouch,Pry Bar/Axe
  • Axe,Mini Pry Black Handle Light, Chemlight 10" Yel 2 Hr Chest Seals
  • Adhesive Tape Rolls, 3"x10yds Adhesive Tape Rolls, 2"x10yds SAM Splints, 36"
  • SAM Splints, 18"
  • Abdominal Dressings Compression Bandages Casualty Cards
  • Water-Jel Blanket, 3' x 2.5' Hypothermia Blankets Disposable Stretchers
  • Light, White/Blue
  • Light, Blue/Green
  • BLAST Bandages, 20"x20"
  • Book,Tac Notes 4"x6"
  • Trauma Shears
  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze Packs Compressed Gauze Packs
  • Nasal Pharyngeal Airway Kits, 28fr Combat Application Tourniquets Sharpie Markers, Blue
  • Triangular Bandage, 40x40
  • Combat Gauze Trauma Pads, 12"x12" Disposable Gloves
  • Safety Control Seals, Red

Dimensions: 20"L x 14"W x 18"H
Weight: 49 pounds