The Mobile Fitness Unit was designed specifically for Special Forces groups, tactical athletes, and Forward Operating Bases always on the move. Mobile Fitness Equipment, Inc. has proudly supplied US Army Special Forces & The US Air Force with MFUs since it’s inception. Built to suit the needs of any regiment and fully customizable, the MFU is made to accommodate the highest standard of Military PT requirements and ensures that operators maintain extreme combat readiness. 



For those who already own the equipment and accessories they need, or are looking to acquire their training gear over time, the “Barebone” MFU is a great option. This model has the same Standard MFU200T design (2 squat racks, 2 pull-up bars, & storage console) and salient features, just without the standard equipment package included. If operating on a tighter budget, or sourcing units in higher volume the MFU is the lightest and fastest way to get them on location. Learn More




The MFU+ option is built to suit your specific needs, putting you in the designer’s chair. The customized MFU+ allows you to designate your own rack and pull-up bar configuration, specify your equipment type, quantity, and brand (within defined parameters), and request specific add-ons and features like custom colors, graphics, LED lighting, and/or bluetooth marine speakers. Learn More


The MFU200T option is the all-in-one full package. For those looking to hit the ground training on day 1, the MFU200T comes with all the essential training gear and accessories you’ll need to train up to 12 athletes with the MFU200T Standard Equipment Package. The Standard MFU200T configuration utilizes 2 retractable swing-out racks, and 2 cross-member pull-up bars on opposite sides, as well as our 4-tier center-mounted storage console to transport, store, and access all of your gear easily. Learn More