Scott Giovannetti, a twenty-three year police veteran, started Mobile Police Training Structures after a demonstration of the “Structure Fire Simulator” system by Mobile Fire-Rescue Training. Scott, with an extensive police training background and credentials, immediately saw an opportunity to modify the Fire Simulator for use in police services training. A partnership was established with Mobile Fire-Rescue Training, followed by a research and development partnership with the Toronto Police Service, to assist with evaluating the new Mobile Police Training Structure (MPTS) prototype. Learn More


Each Mobile Police Training Structure is custom built to your unique specifications. Any floor layout size or configuration can be accommodated, from small single room configurations to large multi-room or multi-building complexes.

Each system can be easily set-up and taken-down with minimum effort (no special tools or additional equipment are required) using our patented bracket system and built-in user-friendly handling-grips. The system can be compactly stored, moved to other locations, reconfigured or extended as the client desires.

Coupled with innovative options like sound, camera and lighting systems (see below) along with client supplied furnishings, highly-immersive training environments can be quickly and cost-effectively built, new layouts deployed to fully challenge learners, all while providing excellent educator observation capabilities.

From a Police Services perspective, our structures are designed to be safely used with Simunition® or marking rounds and can be fitted with breachable windows and doors for a wide variety of service training scenarios.

Simply put, our innovative Mobile Police Training Structures provide mobileconfigurablecost-effective and immersive training experiences


A number of training specific options can be included in your custom built system, including:

  • Remotely operated sound effects and speaker systems

  • Multi-camera digital video recording to D.V.R.

  • Breachable windows and doors modules, with commercial grade hardware


set-up & build

Scenarios and Application