Introducing FitLight™ Tactical Training System from Simunition®

Simunition has teamed up with FitLight™ to introduce the FitLight™ Tactical Training System to its current product line.

This system was designed "for Force on Target training in shoot house environments, on ranges and in a variety of other training environments."

Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Improve Cognitive Processing
  • Realistic Close Range Training
  • Immediate Visual Response
  • Measurement of Reaction Time
  • Train Central Focal and Peripheral Awareness
  • Shoot Don't Shoot Training
  • Speed /Agility/Accuracy
  • Improve Decision Making under Stress
  • Force on Target Training
  • Engaged Focus Training with Real Time Measurements
  • Dynamic Movement of the Shooter
  • Traditional Timing for S&C Training

"Fitlight™ is an Interactive Force on Target Training System with a The Fitlight™ Tactical Training System is comprised of an android tablet controller and a wireless system of 4 or 8 LED Target Silhouette Light sensors that can be mounted on walls, floor... practically anywhere."

For more information about Simunition's FitLight™ Tactical Training System, click here.