TACOPS® Active Response Gear

TACOPS® Active Response Breachers Kit

The TACOPS® ARBK is designed to enable emergency responders to gain access into and throughout structures where doors and windows may otherwise be impassable due to their basic design or from additional locks, chains, and/or cables. Collapsible tools are included in the kit to facilitate ease of storage, transport, and carry while maximizing their application of leverage and force when extended. 

TACOPS® Active Response Bag

TSSi introduces its new TACOPS® Active Response Bag. Designed for use by law enforcement personnel, this bag incorporates user friendly, advantageous features resulting from over a year of research and development and validated by months of operational use by over seven different police and training organizations across the nation.

TACOPS® Rolling Mass Casualty Kit

The Rolling Mass Casualty Kit provides significant enhancements in capabilities, functionality and versatility over every other multi- casualty kit.