TSSi October Vendor Days

Every few months, TSSi invites current and potential vendors to our location here in Harrisonburg, Virginia to spend the day with our employees showing them the newest and greatest products from their brand.
October’s vendor days were filled with new and interesting products from Ellsworth & CompanyPetzlShakespeare, and United Shield International
Ellsworth & Company, a father-son duo, kicked off our vendor days last week by showing us their revolutionary sock design. Did you know that within a few minutes of wearing a boot, your feet reach 100% humidity? As you can imagine, this can lead to major problems when wearing a boot for hours or even days at a time for long distance rucks. These socks, mimicking the treads of an automobile tire, wick moisture away from the foot to the instep in order to create a better in-shoe environment for the wearer. Find these revolutionary socks here!
Petzl is a France-based company which manufactures climbing and repelling gear for sport or professional users. Their tactical line of products are suited for military and, more specifically, fire fighters. Trust Petzl products to keep you secure and safe so you can get the job done.

Shakespeare creates some of the most important, but least thought of equipment for the military, antennas. Without these pieces of equipment, communication is difficult and allows for the possibility of error. During delicate situations in dangerous environments, communication is key in completing a mission efficiently and effectively. 
TSSi employees had the pleasure of seeing a demonstration of Shakespeare’s Elevation Mast System with RolaTube™ technology. It’s ideal for military and first responders because it lightweight, highly portable, and easy to assemble. Set up takes just a few minutes and you’re left with a mast that supports various types of antennas, emergency lights, or even loudspeakers.

United Shield International’s manufactures ballistic protection from shields and plates to vests and helmets. Ideal for military and police enforcement, their ballistic protection products have off the chart specs and innovative technology to stop bullets dead in their tracks.

There’s nothing more beneficial than allowing our employees to gain first-hand experience with the products that we sell to our customers. Actually holding and touching the products along with seeing how the product is best used gives us far more insight than basic online research. TSSi strives to build stronger relationships with our vendors which result in stronger relationships with our end-users.