Press Release: TSSi Attends Trade Shows as Leader in Mass Casualty Kit Development and Emergency Equipment Provider



TSSi Attends Trade Shows as Leader in Mass Casualty Kit Development and Emergency Equipment Provider

Harrisonburg, Virginia - October 18, 2017 – Since 1980, TSSi has been an industry leader in supporting the operational needs of United States military, law enforcement organizations, and emergency first responders in their preparedness for natural and man-made catastrophes. In addition to equipping these professionals with emergency medical items, ballistic body armor, and ballistic helmets for the past 37 years, TSSi has developed several innovative products for response to incidents involving large numbers of seriously injured persons.

Our mission is to aid our customers with the proper selection and procurement of equipment and supplies for mass casualty incidents – from mass casualty medical kits to protective ballistic body armor and helmets – that will meet that customer’s operational and budgetary requirements. As a distributor for thousands of brands, TSSi can easily source and provide those specific, user-preferred items that customers are most comfortable or confident in using.

In 2006, TSSi introduced the first true mass casualty response kit equipped with sufficient types and quantities of medical supplies to effectively treat more than 20 persons inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. This original design was followed by two additional configurations to provide differing and additional capabilities and resulting designs. Over the past two years, TSSi has provided over 450 of our Mass Casualty Incident Response Kits for prepositioning in U.S. Embassies around the world.

TSSi currently holds numerous multi-year Department of Defense and Federal Agency contracts for all manner of ballistic armor and medical equipment items. Additionally, agencies can use the GSA “Cooperative Purchasing Program” that allows federal, state and local agencies to procure items from TSSi’s GSA contract. In addition, individual agencies may contact the TSSi sales team directly.

TSSi will be attending EMS World Expo in Las Vegas, NV (October 18-20, 2017), and Firehouse Expo in Nashville, TN (October 19-21, 2017), where we will be displaying the TACOPS® branded Mass Casualty Response Kits, medical kits, ballistic body armor, and more.

TSSi is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that has been providing specialized operational equipment and logistics support around the world for over 37 years. Their mission is to provide mission-focused, time-sensitive, value-added equipment and logistics services solutions, delivered with uncompromising integrity – anytime, anywhere.

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Victoria Najjar
Marketing Coordinator, Tactical and Survival Specialties, Inc. (Tssi)