PowerFlare Corporation is a privately-held company located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  PowerFlare Corp. manufactures ultra-rugged lighting and safety products for public-safety professionals, the military, and consumer sport, recreation and safety markets. The PowerFlare® Safety Light was invented by an officer from a municipal police department in Silicon Valley with the objective of eliminating the danger, pollution, difficulty of use, and needless cost of old-fashioned road flares.  PowerFlare Corporation’s experienced engineering team, with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and optics, converted this concept into a rugged design incorporating cutting-edge technology.


Triage Marker Light Kit - 4 Pack

Triage Marker Light Kit - Four Pack, contains 1 ea. PF210-R-O (PowerFlare, Red LEDs, Orange Shell), PF210-A-Y (PowerFlare, Amber LEDs, Yellow Shell), PF210-G-OD (PowerFlare, Green LEDs, Olive Drab Shell), PF210-B-BK (PowerFlare, Blue LEDs, Black Shell), Soft Bag-4, and 4 spare CR123A batteries. Learn More

2-Position Traffic Control Kit

2-Position Traffic Control Kit, contains 2 PowerFlares, 2 traffic cones (12"), 2 Cone Top Adapters (CTA-001), 1 carrying bag, and 12 spare batteries. Learn More



MultiPack 24

MultiPack 24, contains: 4 PF210-I-OD (PowerFlare, Infrared LEDs, Olive Drab Shell), 4 PowerFlare, 4 PF210-B-BL (PowerFlare, Blue LEDs, Blue Shell), 4 PF210-G-T (PowerFlare, Green LEDs, Tan Shell), 4 PF210-W-BK (PowerFlare, White LEDs, Black Shell), 4 PF210-A-O (PowerFlare, Amber LEDs, Orange Shell), 24 ea. spare CR123A batteries, 1 ea. 24-pack hard case. Note:  Contains four infrared units--these require night vision optics. Learn More

Single Unit

PowerFlare Single Unit, includes internal CR123A battery. Learn More