Precision Marksmanship, LLC was founded on the idea of providing rifle shooters the ability to develop the skills required for long range precision within the convenience of short ranges. 

Our platform helps sharpshooters improve their fundamentals and become even more proficient. Simulated Range Targets were developed to provide rifle shooters with an engaging, fun yet challenging short range target.  Every engagement labeled with yardage has been accurately scaled to represent that distance.  All targets are produced on high quality, bright white paper and display photo-quality graphics.  Whether you use iron sights, scope or red dot Simulated Range Targets will deliver an unprecedented shooting experience and amazing value.


Accurately Scaled to Represent Distance

Simulated Range Targets provide the shooter a long range, precise and challenging experience; allowing them to develop core skills at short ranges. Eliminating physical variables such as trajectory, windage and spin drift, puts focus to the least consistent element, the shooter.

Multiple Ranges Develop Skills

The various ranges displayed on every Simulated Range Target demand that shooters enhance their capabilities. This forces the shooter to appreciate the precision required to constantly engage a target at long range. Learn More