Present Arms® is a veteran owned small business that provides professional firearm workstations. We are sportsmen, shooters, armorers, law enforcement and military veterans who have a passion for firearms. Our design strategy is focused on tools and solutions that meet the needs of firearm users at all levels. 


Gunner's Mount Kit with Carry Bag

Our Gunner's Mount Kit, GMK-102 comes with the GM-102 platform as well as the fixtures needed to service and support your mil spec AR15 rifles.
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Ships with:

  • GM-102 Gunner's Mount

  • MP-AR15 - AR15 Magazine Post

  • SP-2 Large Swivel

  • URB-AR15 - Upper Receiver Block

  • LRB-AR15 - Lower Receiver Block

  • RAB-AR15 - Receiver Alignment Block

  • GPK-Trigger - Gunner's Puck AR15 Trigger Puck

  • TB-L - Tool Bag

1911 Armorer Plate with MP-1A Magazine Post & Swivel

A must for every 1911 shooter.  Holds the weapon for complete disassembly, cleaning, repair and reassembly. 

  • The 1911 Plug Capture Tool, our PCT to minimize airborne recoil plugs.

  • The 1911 Armorers Plate, Swivel and Pistol Post for routine dis-assembly, cleaning, and re-assembly.

  • The 1911 Armorers Plate for Main Spring Housing Pin removal, barrel link and link pin removal.

  • The 1911 Armorers Plate for Barrel Link, Link Pin removal.

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AR15 Trigger Puck

  • Trigger Gunner's Puck (Part of our Gunners Puck™ family) will fit the circular cut on the Gunners Mount or is good for standalone use. Learn More

  • Puck cut to have the lower receiver fit by way of the grip portion when grip removed, most Mil Spec lowers.

  • It will accommodate the bolt stop.

  • Safety/Selector

  • Magazine release raised guard on receiver

  • Receiver lower lip by way of magazine well.

1911 Fixture Block

The 1911 Fixture Block fits the 1911 Armorer Plate to allow the armorer to fit and dress all parts of the 1911 handgun.
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  • Check Trigger - Sear fit

  • Holds Grip safety to dress trigger bow interface

  • Hold Thumb safety to dress for plunger interface

  • Hold Thumb safety for sear interface inspection

  • Hold Frame for ease of sear & disconnect installation