Special Projects Operations, Inc. (SPO) is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced hybrid life support systems, exothermic cutting torch technologies, and air and oxygen management systems. SPO’s SHIELD Hybrid SCBA is the world’s most compact and capable system of its kind, and is the first choice with CBRN, HAZMAT, and special mission units across the globe. SPO’s exothermic cutting torch systems are the smallest, lightest, and most versatile systems in the world, providing fast and efficient operations for military, rescue, and industrial organizations worldwide.

SHIELD Systems

Config. 1: Originally developed in collaboration with, and to satisfy the unique requirements of, the First Responder and military Special Operations communities, the SHIELD Life Support System is a low profile, extended duration, hybrid respiratory protection system. Learn More

Silent Entry Torch System (SETS)

The SETS Silent Entry Torch System offers unique and compact options for tactical breaching or rescue operations. Using Exothermic Cutting Torch technology, the SETS Silent Entry Torch System provides operators with the option of using either a conventional Rod-style cutting torch or a Cable-style cutting torch. Learn More

ELABS – Extreme Limited Access Breathing System

The ELABS is a low profile, long duration, respiratory protection system suitable for both combat and confined-space hazardous environment operations. The system is adaptable to almost any APR or SCBA face piece, and it will work seamlessly with almost any other required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Level A overgarments. Learn More