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X-tract Tactical Harness

The X-tract Tactical Harness bridges the gap between Care Under Fire (CUF) and Tactical Field Care (TFC). A victim extrication harness that integrates into any plate carrier, tactical vest, ammunition belt via MOLLE webbing. The harness utilizes mechanical leverage for the rescuer to wrap webbing around the victim’s upper body cavity and then transfers the victim’s body weight into the rescuers core area for hands free extraction. This allows you to rig it up and ride comfortably in a vehicle. Ideal for active shooter and mass casualty events, the X-tract Tactical Harness offers everyone on the force the power to rapidly move patients or personnel in and out of secure areas, without risking the additional personnel and equipment of a dedicated litter team.  Learn More


X-tract Mini

The X-tract Tactical Mini Harness: a heavy duty extraction system with secure pouch and detachable option, bridges the gap between Care Under Fire (CUF) and Tactical Field Care (TFC). In dynamic threat level situations, the X-tract Tactical “Mini” Harness fills the void by enabling individual emergency responders to quickly and effectively extract casualties from a threat environment to a litter or critical care area without the need for additional personnel, equipment or a dedicated litter team.  Learn More


The Grab Harness is an innovative and revolutionary victim extrication tool designed to aid a rescuer in removing a victim from almost any threatening environment. Learn More