Harrisonburg - TSSi Tactical Medic Challenge 2019


In conjunction with the TSSi Range Expo 2019, you’re invited to participate in the Harrisonburg -TSSi Tactical Medic Challenge! Teams of two medics will compete in this race style event with six stations that test medical skills and cross-training in tactical disciplines.

The first place team will earn a reserved spot in the National Tactical Medicine Competition, which will take place in Charlotte, NC on May 10, 2020.


  • Entry Fee:

    • Early Bird (until Aug. 31):
      $150 per team

    • Late Registration (after Sept. 1): $200 per team

  • Limited to 10 team of two medics

  • Participants will be issued necessary supplies for each station, provided by Tactical Medic Challenge sponsors

  • Read “Rules & Regulations” document below for more information.


Six unique stations throughout the course to assess participants for time and accuracy:

  • Care Under Fire/Direct Threat

  • Mass Casualty Incident and CBRNE/Toxidrome

  • Tactical Field Care/Indirect Threat

  • K-9 TCCC

  • Tactical Rope Rescue

  • Tactical Evacuation Care

Team Registration

Please fill out this form completely and submit. Once registration is accepted, you will receive a link for payment via e-mail.

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Team Member #1 Name
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The first 10 teams to sign up will be contacted via email with a link to the payment page. Once 10 teams have signed up and confirmed participation, all subsequent teams will be placed on a waiting list.

This event is a part of the TSSi Range Expo 2019. This the Range Expo is not open to the general public. Government/official Agency I.D. is required for entrance and participation. All personnel MUST complete and sign a liability waiver before entering the challenge and the range event. Eye and hearing protection is mandatory in designated areas. TSSi will supply ear protection, if necessary. 


Tactical Medic Challenge Sponsors