TACOPS™ Bleeding Control Kit


The ability to control bleeding following an act of violence or major disaster is no longer only the responsibility of first responders. Having a readily available and publicly accessible bleeding control kit is vital to empowering immediate responders and saving lives in the face of tragedy.

Originally designed to meet the requirements of a federal agency, the TSSi Bleeding Control Kit provides a simple and cost effective solution to meet the needs of everyday citizens and prepared organizations alike. By providing customers with the essential tools to stop massive bleeding through their actions as immediate responders, the TSSi Bleeding Control Kit is designed to save lives.

In addition to traditional bleeding control items, the kit also features an instruction card that incorporates both text and images to help those without formal training to act decisively in an emergency.

Customers may purchase a kit with or without a hemostatic bleeding control dressing based upon their preference. Packaged in vacuum sealed, heavy duty plastic, durability and water resistance are key features of this kit. Once opened, the kit also features a reusable zipper that will allow the user to close it to reduce the chance of losing contents. The small size of the kit allows users to place it wherever they deem it most necessary: a glove compartment, backpack, or existing first aid kit. Wherever you choose to add this kit, know that it will provide you peace of mind.

Kit Components:

  • QuikClot Hemostatic Agent (Optional)

  • Combat Application Tourniquet

  • Compression Bandage

  • Compressed Z-Fold Gauze

  • Nitrile Gloves

  • Mini Trauma Shears

  • Permanent Marker

  • Instruction Card