TACOPS™ Tactical Operators Body Armor Kit 


Key Features:

  • Quick Release Cummerbund and Shoulder System

  • Can accept 8x10, 10x12, and 11x14 hard plates

  • Comes with level IIIA plate backers to be used with ICW Plates

  • Level IIIA Belt and Cummerbund

  • Spine and Belt distribute weight evenly between shoulders and hips

  • Available in Multi-Cam, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black

Kit Components:

  • NIJ Level IIIA-certified front and back armor backers 

  • NIJ Level IIIA* throat / neck, shoulder / upper arm, cummerbund, padded belt, and lower back / groin armor panels 

  • Two Point Blank Enterprises Special Threat (NIJ III+*) stand-alone Plates 

  • Two LTC NIJ Level IV-certified stand-alone Plates 

  • One kangaroo admin panel (chest mount) 

  • Two pre-configured front pane, one kangaroo panel with triple M4 insert 

  • Three front interchangeable panels and two back interchangeable panels (attached with PALS webbing) 

  • Dump pouch 

  • Three High Speed Gear single M4 magazine pouches 

  • Two High Speed Gear double decker M4 / pistol magazine pouches 

  • Two handcuff pouches 

*Testing in accordance with NIJ standards using NIJ rounds

Optional Components Include:

  • Choice of three ballistic helmets 

  • LTC lightweight NIJ Level III-certified stand-alone plates 

  • Airboss LBM gas mask with High Speed Gear pouch, (1) standard filter and (2) slimline filters 

  • Gerber multi tool 

  • Two dual-item utility pouches 

  • Two quad-item utility pouches 

  • Level III ICW plate