TACOPS™ Vehicle Assault Medical Platform


The V.A.M.P. (Vehicle Assault Medical Platform) was designed and developed to meet requirements for medical aid in a mobile environment. The platform is fully adjustable to fit most vehicle seats, forms to the seat and is padded for comfort.
The TSSi M-9 Assault Medical Backpack attaches to the platform using an integrated strap system with quick release capabilities allowing for operations away from the vehicle. The platform can also be used without the M-9 as a modular platform for attaching MOLLE pouches when medical support is not required.

Field Ready Contents:

  • Bleeding (2)

  • SOF-T Tourniquet

  • Primed Gauze Dressing Conforming Gauze Bandages 4” Hyfin Chest Seal

  • Adhesive Tape 2” x 10yds Disposable Gloves

  • CPR (1)

  • Pocket Mask w/Bag and Valve Nasopharyngeal Airway 28fr Disposable Gloves

  • Surgical Lubricant Foilpack Basic First Aid (1)

  • HD Knuckle Adhesive Bandages • Bacitracin Tube

  • BurnFree Dressing 8”x 8”

  • Adhesive Tape 2” x 10yds

  • Lightweight Casualty Blanket

  • Oral Hydration Solution

  • Cravat/Triangular Bandages 40”x 40”

  • Instant Cold Compress Admin (1)

  • Casualty Card

  • Biohazard Bag 9”x 10”

  • Permanent Felt-tip Marker • Trauma Shears

  • HD Adhesive Bandages 3⁄4”x 3”, 1”x 3”, and 2”x 41⁄2”

  • HD Large Fingertip Adhesive Bandages

  • SAM Splints 36” Modular Carry Handles