Waterproof Marksman's Data Book

The TSSi Waterproof Marksman’s Data Book (WMDB) is the first data book intended for both military and law enforcement precision riflemen. The WMDB Cover was designed specifically for use with our data book, template, and a wide variety of shooting accessories. The WMDB Cover holds the data book securely in both open and closed positions and is designed to protect the book and template in all environments.

WMDB Features:

  • The WMDB is Produced on Waterproof “Rite in the Rain” Bond Paper
  • The Pages are a Dull Brown Color to Prevent Light Bounce and Reduce Reflections
  • The Cover is Printed in Tan as a Neutral Color for Military and Law Enforcement. (The Cover is Designed to be Non-aggressive, should the Data Book be Reviewed or Required as Evidence During Litigation.)
  • Range Cards are Designed with Open Distance Blocks so that the Shooter can plot Range Distance
  • WMDB was Designed to work in Conjunction with our Marksman’s Template
  • Template will Provide Shooter with the Option of over 15 Specific Target Shapes
  • The Reverse Side of Each Page is Designed as Note Sheets for Personal Data and/or Mission Intel
  • Template and Data Book are Available as a Set or can be Purchased Separately
  • Complete Kit includes: Data Book Template, Cover, Zip-O-Gauge, Mini Comp II, & Photon Micro-Light II

WMDB Cover Features:

  • Made of 100% Dupont Cordura Nylon
  • Full Wrap Around Double Pull YKK Zipper
  • Storage Pocket for Template
  • Front Bellows Pocket
  • Elastic Loops for Pencils, Pens, and Markers
  • Internal Pocket for Compass, Thermometer, and Flashlight • Plastic D-Ring for securing Small Items
  • Mylar Window for easy reading of Personal Data
  • Coyote & Black