WGS Systems, LLC is an award-winning Maryland based small business founded in 2007 to provide military, intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world affordable, innovative, and high-performance systems.  We specialize in the development of comprehensive Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); including mission planning, survey, collection, detection, location, tracking, recording, processing, exploitation and dissemination.

RF Signals Solutions

WGS Systems develops premier RF Signals Collection and Analysis solutions geared for the modern signals intelligence user. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly, enabling a quick reaction capability for today’s ISR professionals.  Our solutions are ideally suited for austere environments including manned or unmanned aircraft, remote ground-based sensors as well as vehicles. Learn More

Major features include:

  • RF Environment Analysis and Mapping

  • Integrated Real-Time Mapping Overlay

  • Target Database and Management

  • Robust Datalink Management

  • Real-Time Spectral Display

  • Spectral History Waterfall Display

  • Signal Analysis, Geolocation and Hunting

  • Signal Monitoring

  • Geolocation

  • Sensor Cross-Cue

  • Steer-to-Target


Mission Management Systems

WGS Systems deploys complete integrated mission management systems designed for the modern ISR mission. Our solutions utilize the latest software and hardware on the market today.  Our solutions are built to be scalable, flexible, and mission driven. Learn More

Designed from the start with the future in mind, key capabilities and features include:

  • Modern, intuitive gaming-like user environment

  • Integrated sensor data correlation

  • Subject and target development